MELBOURNE, Australia - AussieJournal -- It took Bharati five years to fulfill her dream—from a regular corporate employee to the founder of ApplyKart, a job-seeking platform. Her vision was to aid people, particularly immigrants and international students, in securing their first jobs in foreign lands without enduring the challenges she faced upon arriving in Australia—creating inaccurate CVs and lacking professional connections, which left her unemployed for a certain period of time seven years ago. Despite her impressive CV, finding employment in a completely new country proved challenging. She eventually secured a position as a digital media coordinator at a US-based company after six months of job hunting.

While holding a secure position, she still felt uncertain whether the job was a good match for her so motivated by her longstanding desire to assist her fellow immigrants, she stepped down from her role after 15 months and, in 2019, initiated an English academic course with her life and work partner, Malcolm as her preliminary action to guide individuals whose native language isn't English to embark on ventures in foreign countries, like Australia – the second-best country in the world to live in as it serves the top-notch infrastructure and healthcare.

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With her and Malcolm's good intention to help people blend into the Australian culture, the academic course, A One Australia succeeded in getting 25K students up to date.

The struggle for overseas students lies in finding jobs, prompting Bharati to create ApplyKart. Recognizing language barriers, ApplyKart focuses on grey-and blue-collar jobs, offering users a 'Digital Visiting Card' feature for skill showcasing, revolutionizing traditional CV crafting.

Recognizing the significance of professional connections in career growth and employment opportunities, Bharati acknowledges that certain jobs are often disseminated through word of mouth.

'Networking opens doors to opportunities beyond our immediate reach. You never know, someone might place your resume on the hiring manager's desk someday – that's our hope.' Stated Bharati.

So, in the contemporary era, particularly with the Gen Z demographic, online connections play a pivotal role. Research indicates that social media is a key channel for engaging with Gen Z. So to eliminate the need for multiple apps, ApplyKart is designed as a multifunctional platform that seamlessly integrates job-seeking and networking functionalities.

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Bharati envisions ApplyKart as a comprehensive solution for the global recruitment journey, addressing the challenges faced by job seekers and employers. Her concern for unemployment extends beyond Australia, keeping an eye on the projected global migrant population reaching 1 billion by 2050.

Her endeavors, A One Education and ApplyKart, serve as testaments to her unwavering commitment to reshaping the landscape of education and employment for immigrants, not only in Australia but worldwide.

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