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In response to evolving real estate market dynamics, a local agent has perfected the technique of 'Targeted Marketing' to connect their properties with the most opportune buyers, ultimately resulting in higher selling prices.

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - AussieJournal -- If you've been monitoring the Broward County real estate scene, you're likely familiar with Andrea Kollar's reputation as one of the town's most esteemed agents, renowned for her ability to effectively market homes and maximize their selling prices. Now, she has taken her marketing game to the next level with her innovative 'Target Marketing' strategy.

The traditional method of featuring your home in local magazines alongside other listings from your brokerage is now obsolete. Andrea Kollar has enhanced a Target Marketing method where she personally invests in advertising your property to the ideal buyer, considering their present interests, pastimes, family size, age, and even their financial standing, encompassing net worth and credit score.

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In the modern business scene, marketing revolves around positioning your product with the prospects who are most motivated to show interest in it. It's similar to the experience you have at the grocery store when coupons are generated based on your typical purchases.

When asked how this modern approach to selling homes for higher prices works, Andrea explained it like this: "Imagine you're trying to sell a house. If it's in a great school district, it probably has higher property taxes. It wouldn't make sense to show it to retired couples, but it's a perfect fit for a family with school-age kids. If the house has a fenced yard, we can show it to people with the right income who also have a dog. And if there's a wine cellar, we can target those who enjoy wine or collect it. This way, we make sure that potential buyers absolutely love the house, and they're often willing to pay more for something that meets their exact needs. We can market it as their 'Dream Home,' even though it might seem like just another house to most people. This is why we can often sell homes for higher prices. With the data available from online and offline marketing, it doesn't make sense for an agent to simply list a house on the MLS and hope for a buyer to come along eventually.

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For local homeowners, our main goal is to help you sell your home quickly and for a great price. Having an agent who knows how to market and advertise your home effectively can mean you end up with a lot more money when the sale is done.

About Andrea Kollar:

If you want to learn more about how this target marketing strategy operates and how it might help you get more money when selling your home, reach out to Andrea Kollar at Florida International Real Estate Network Corp. You can give her a call at 954-806-6748 or send an email to or head onto her website

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