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HONOLULU - AussieJournal -- Celebrating successful collaboration, Iruka Hawaii Dolphin, a premier eco-tour operator, partnered with Pearl Haven, Hawaii's innovative treatment facility for traumatized youth, to host a special marine educational event. This event allowed the youth from Pearl Haven to explore Hawaii's rich marine biodiversity in a nurturing and educational setting.

The event took place off the scenic coast of Yokohama Bay and included a dolphin watching tour where participants could see spinner dolphins in their natural habitat. This was followed by a snorkeling session at Makaha, where the youth had the opportunity to swim with turtles and a variety of fish, learning firsthand about the local marine ecosystems.

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"We were thrilled to welcome the students from Pearl Haven and allow them to experience the vibrant marine life and stunning beauty of Oahu's west side" stated Lauren Gruber, Captain at Iruka Hawaii Dolphin. "We believe engaging local youth is essential, as they are the future stewards of our islands. By fostering a deep connection with and appreciation for our ecosystems, we hope to inspire a lifelong commitment to their protection and preservation and hope to provide a lasting positive impact in the healing journey for the group from Pearl Heaven."

This partnership aimed not only to provide a day of joy and learning for the youth at Pearl Haven but also to integrate real-world experiences into their healing and therapeutic processes. By engaging with the ocean and its inhabitants, the participants were able to connect with nature and gain insights into environmental stewardship, promoting a sense of healing and wellbeing.

Andi Lei, Program Manager at Pearl Haven reflected on the event's impact, stating, "Connecting with the Āina is vital to the healing of our youth, offering them unique experiences that are seldom accessible in their daily lives. The moments spent with Iruka Hawaii Dolphin, witnessing the ocean's wonders, led to visible positive changes as our girls were able to leave their difficulties at the shore, allowing them to experience the joy and happiness of those moments and imprinting positive memories for their future."

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Iruka Hawaii Dolphin are proud to have facilitated this event, demonstrating their commitment to the community and to the empowerment of young individuals through edutainment opportunities.

About Iruka Hawaii Dolphin

Iruka Hawaii Dolphin is committed to providing safe, educational, and environmentally respectful dolphin watching and snorkeling tours. They aim to create awareness about marine life conservation while offering memorable experiences in Hawaii's natural settings.

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About Pearl Haven

Pearl Haven is the first facility of its kind in Hawaii, providing specialized, trauma-informed therapeutic services for youth who are overcoming complex trauma. Their mission is to offer a healing sanctuary, promoting recovery through structured therapeutic and educational programs.

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