KINGAROY, Australia - AussieJournal -- Were you aware that making a decision on eating meat that has been finished on grass or grain, impacts your health and the aches and pains you may get?

You have 3 main areas of health that you can make a positive impact on: physical, mental and nutritional and yes, each area influences the other quite profoundly.

Chiropractors make an impact on your physical state, including nerve pathways that then can affect your mental state and I am still interested in the nutritional profile of my patients as your nutrient profile can have an impact on how effective my adjustments are.

If that nutrient juice isn't there to fire up the nerve pathways we are activating, or those protein building blocks aren't there to help rebuild, and remodel our muscles, ligaments and joints - it can impact on the effectiveness of our treatment.

There are a few key nutrients I focus on in practice, as they are often amiss in our patients due to our culture and food heritage as well as food production methods.

Magnesium , Vitamin B's involved in cellular energy and Vitamin C involved in collagen repair and fatty acids like DHA/EPA, Omega 3's and Omega 6's.

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The one I am going to comment on today is the fatty acids and how beef growing/production affects the fat profile of the meat we eat.

Meat, and the fatty acids in the meat and the other vitamins in the meat are quite different depending on the methods of growing and producing the meat and that can increase or decrease the amount of inflammation we experience.

Meat, that is finished on grain has less Vitamin E, 10 times less, and less vitamin A.  Both grass and grain fed have good levels of CLA - conjugated linoleic acid - animals get it through the grass and it gets into the fats of the meat.

The fats in the meat from grain fed beef is completely different, the last 30-60 days of being fed grain, dramatically changes the Omega 3 and Omega 6 content of the meat.

The Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio in grain fed beef is much higher at 16:1, than grass fed at 1.4:1. Lower amounts of Omega 6 being the healthier option. It is this ratio that is important in inflammatory pathways, cellular stability and mitochondrial function (our cellular energy producer).

The fact that fish oils are so high in Omega 3 is what makes them an effective anti-inflammatory. Grass fed beef is also much higher in antioxidants and healthy stearic acid.

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Source: In Touch Chiropractic

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