SYDNEY - AussieJournal -- Paint Correction works by levelling down the paint to reduce the visible defects.

The following procedures may be used for it:

- polishing
- compounding
- sanding

A variety of different compounds, sand paper, polishes, pads and machines are used while taking into consideration the condition of the paint.

It is important to keep in mind:

The topcoat has ingredients included that are designed to fight off damage such as the effects of the sun. By levelling down the paint, some of the UV and heavy-duty protection will be removed with it automatically

When you polish, you keep on taking away microlayers of paint

It is reducing the thickness of your paint. The topcoat is generally only about 0.076mm thin which is thinner than the wrapper of a post-it note

Too fast and too much heat polishing means the layers will shift which will cause distension on the top layer. Therefore, the micromechanical attachments detach. This will result in delamination which will not be visible at once but over time your car's paint might fade into cloudy looking paint

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Results vary depending on the degree of paint defects present as well as on the car's paint type

Minor Paint Correction (Gloss Enhancement) - The paintwork will be polished in one stage or one step with only one type of polish and pad combination. Challenge is to remove defects whilst finishing down the paintwork to leave behind a high level gloss finish in one step. Defect removal dependent on paint's characteristics (hard or soft) and depth of defects.

Medium Paint Correction
Involves multiple polish and pad combinations 'dialled in' to provide the best results. The first step is designed to remove deeper paint defects by using a more aggressive method of pads and compounding. This aggressive process actually instils defects of its own into the paintwork. A side effect in removing the deeper defects. The second step is to refine the paintwork by removing the haze and scratches instil in the first process and and bring back the gloss of the paint to a very high level.

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Major Paint Correction
As many steps and methods needed to remove the deepest defects and bring back your car's paintwork as close to perfection as possible!

If you would like us to assess your car to receive an honest opinion and recommendation on how to restore/revive your car's paintwork, then visit our website at or contact us

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