CANBERRA, Australia - AussieJournal -- Wrapping up their campaign on employee engagement, the Acorn subject matter experts are exploring the concept of the "employee experience". With 65% of executives admitting they don't discuss it and 53% of employees believing their organisations aren't effective at providing it, the experts agree this is an area in need of more attention. Their latest article delves into exactly what the employee experience is and how to look at improving it. Acorn is a product of Pursuit Technology, and their full article can be found on the Acorn Labs blog:

The employee experience considers the perceptions employees have of their workplace's actions and behaviours, as well as the environmental factors affecting their day-to-day. A positive customer experience needs a positive employee experience to be effective.

The employee experience correlates with higher levels of enthusiasm, engagement, productivity and long-term business growth. A better employee experience will underpin recruitment, engagement, and retention, as well as strengthening the internal mobility of an organisation.

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Improving the employee experience is a similar process to improving engagement. Start by determining strengths and weaknesses by capturing data and feedback. Encourage open and honest dialogue in this feedback. Use the data to develop and implement improvements in weak areas. The experts believe an environment of continuous learning and development is key to building and maintaining high-performing employees.

"Utilising a tool like an LMS will make it easier to talk to your employees about their current experience and what they believe would help make it better," said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director). "You'll be able to make it an iterative process that you can continually improve on too, by creating ongoing learning opportunities and frequently sending out surveys within the LMS."

Pursuit Technology is a software development company which seeks to streamline systems through innovative solutions and unlock the potential of the workforce. Pursuit is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything we create. Since the inception of our Acorn LMS seven years ago, we've worked with everyone from local businesses to federal government agencies. In that time, we've maintained a 100% retention rate. Our Acorn LMS contains all the tools needed to support workforces – from onboarding and inductions through to compliance and ongoing development.

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