Thomas M. Grange: As the former president and head of public relations for ZTOPZ CLAN, it is my moral duty to announce that, as of June 4, 2024, I have left the organization.

BRISBANE, Australia - AussieJournal -- ZTOPZ CLAN owner Jim Boyd of Brisbane, Australia, has verbally and in writing spun various versions as to why I left the clan. The statements are slanderous. I left the group due to attempts by Boyd to place unreasonable demands on me, along with his blatant disregard for our business agreement.

When we met, Boyd asked me to grow the group into something unique, giving me free reign to accomplish this. Months ago, Boyd and I formed a 50/50 partnership agreement. However, Boyd started making decisions that I did not agree with, including threatening and removing team members and eventually turning on me. These decisions caused me to lose trust. When it was clear that he had hidden agendas, I decided to delay certain projects while I assessed the developing situation. My instincts were correct, as in the end, he violated our partnership agreement without honor. I could not let his actions negatively affect my name and reputation.

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Therefore, as of June 4, 2024, I am no longer liable for any internal or external issues, including statements published by this organization. This includes any statements or actions by Boyd that contradict the group's bylaws and core values that I wrote, signed, and published on the website.

I own and operate ZTOPZ CLAN's website,, including the URL, images, and content. This includes their logo and clan tag, which were an adaptation of my father's WWII tattoo. They are subject to intellectual property and copyright laws.

As of the launch date of this press release, Jim Boyd continues to violate intellectual property and copyright laws. He continues to use the banner and logo that I created on the group's private Facebook page, as well as the clan tag found in-game on World of Warships. Both WOWS and Facebook have been incredibly slow to remove my property from their platforms.

Utilizing my areas of expertise, I invested everything in the development of this organization—time, resources, and money. My goal was to move this group from a typical gaming clan into a global organization, bringing us together as a successful team as we became friends. Together, we developed a fellowship in a unique environment within the gaming community, and I accomplished this.

I may have left the group, but our fellowship continues! Thomas M. Grange/Mazda6Red2021, July 1, 2024.

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