BRISBANE, Australia - AussieJournal -- Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your business to become significantly more efficient and productive – if it's implemented correctly. A consultant's job is to make sure that it is.

Here are some key reasons why we suggest working with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant rather than going it alone.
  1. Customisation
A consultant can help you customise the CRM so it solves the key problems your organisation is facing. An untrained user may configure the software incorrectly, in turn making your processes permanently less efficient than they could be. An experienced consultant will adapt Dynamics 365 so that it does what you intend it to, be it in marketing, sales, training, customer service or any other key area of your business.
  1. Staff downtime
An experienced consultant will quickly and effectively train your team to use Dynamics 365. Having previously trained team members across a range of organisations, they know how to impart critical knowledge and ensure your staff don't waste hundreds of hours or more in downtime, adapting to the software through trial and error or relying on poor quality training.
  1. Overcoming teething issues
Implementing a new CRM will inevitably create some teething issues. An experienced consultant has seen these issues arise before and can help your organisation to prevent or quickly rectify them.
  1. Integration
Your CRM should not exist in isolation. It should be integrated with all of the other key software and processes in your business in order for you to benefit the most from it. Your Dynamics 365 consultant has the broad knowledge of software and business processes needed to do this.
  1. New opportunities
While a CRM can make your existing processes more efficient, it can also help you introduce new ways of doing business. A consultant will help you understand all the latest features of Dynamics 365 and how they can change your current operations to make them more productive. For instance, they may show you a quicker way to collect information from new customers so that your field staff can save time and focus more on core activities.
  1. Ongoing support
As your business changes, you may introduce new product lines, divisions, strategies, staff and contractors. Your consultant can help ensure your CRM is adapted to these changes and continues to meet the needs of your organisation as it evolves.
  1. Fresh perspective
An external consultant can offer a fresh, unbiased perspective on your organisation and how a CRM could assist in solving its challenges. This perspective will be supported by years of experience working with other organisations and observing their results.

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