Blue Pie are moving up! Lately, a Tik Tok has been established and it's proven successful in the community so far!

MOSS VALE, Australia - AussieJournal -- So what's the next step? Immersion tech is the future – what do we mean by that? Well, gameplay, roleplay, ARGs, and other such staples of our current youth culture have truly taken their place as respected mediums. It's no longer a question of legitimacy – games ARE a legitimate form of media. Whether you want to call them art or not, some games have bigger budgets than Hollywood blockbusters, and they're just as valid as music. To cut to the chase, Blue Pie now has a games team! Come check us out!

Twitch: BluePieGaming
Steam: Bluepiegames
Epic Games: Bluepiegames
League of Legends / Riot Games: BluePieGamer
Battlenet: Bluepiegames

MAKING games isn't our forte, that isn't what we're suggesting. But these new forms of interactive mediums, especially in this post covid world, are worth paying attention to. They were worth it before, but NOW especially! The music world has changed its method of consumption and enjoyment, extending from small changes like drive-in car show fads making a return, to huge changes such as how the film industry works, and how labour is handled in general! We're eventually heading towards a near-exclusively virtual society. It's our bet that when things "return to normal", this quarantine period will have opened our eyes to BETTER ways to do things, and some covid traditions will hold over long after the pandemic is gone. So, get on with the opportunity or miss out, that's the choice, and we like to experience everything life has to offer. So, into the fray we go!

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