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15-Minute Rapid Antibody Testing Helps Businesses Re-Open Safely and Save Lives

TAMPA, Fla. - AussieJournal -- A Florida beach house suddenly came on the market, before its owner had even finished renovations. Neighbor David Lee Jensen learned the owner was an oral surgeon who caught Coronavirus from a patient and died.  Jensen's dismay at this news was aggravated by certainty that it could have been avoided.

Jensen has expanded his HR related ventures to include USA Rapid Test, that offers proven Laboratory Developed Tests, and implementation protocols for businesses, including Rapid Antibody Tests.

"While I'm not a medical professional," said Jensen, "I am an HR professional and know first-hand the risks, obstacles and stress levels on business owners navigating to re-open workplaces. And, the CDC is encouraging business owners to test employees."

The most widespread approach to testing has been PCR tests, with a nasal swab sent to a lab.  Its challenges include high-cost, slow turnaround times, its invasive nature and inability to confirm immunity to COVID-19.  These limitations make PCR unsuitable as a workplace screening tool. It provides no instant, specific guideline for who can or cannot safely return to work.

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Jensen proceeded into action by engaging a high-complexity Genetic Laboratory to research effective solutions for quickly and confidently protecting employees, customers, patients and students.

The key criteria demanded were:
  • It must be manufactured in the United States – as existing majority were from China.
  • It must be easy to administer – no doctor, nurse or phlebotomist typically needed.
  • It must be as close to perfect accuracy as possible – high error percentages common.

Analysis confirmed the ideal solution. USA Rapid Test now distributes Rapid Antibody Tests manufactured in Ohio, USA that are easy for a company to administer and have reliable accuracy.  "We met our standard of results goals with 100% Sensitivity and 99.2% Specificity - with thousands of validations and daily quality-control by our lab partner," said Jensen.

Thus, the tragic loss, likely could have been prevented.  A local Oral Surgeon engaged the USA Rapid Test protocols. She first used the 15-minute rapid antibody test to ensure her staff were all Coronavirus free or immune. Then she created a patient arrival sequence, rapid testing at reception, before granting entry into the main office.  With these safeguards in place, a patient who said they had no symptoms (asymptomatic) actually registered positive for a virus on the rapid test. They were given a PCR Test, confirming they had COVID-19.

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Without rapid testing in place, this patient wouldn't have registered fever, difficulty breathing or other symptoms and could easily have infected the Dentist or her support staff.  Instead, this solution created reassurance for everyone as a safe work environment.  If her colleague had this, he could still be enjoying Gulf sunsets today.

David Lee Jensen is CEO of USA Rapid Test, a Fortune 50 Speaker and Bestselling Author who coaches executives and entrepreneurs.

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