Capabilities represent your future state as much as your workforce's current abilities.

CANBERRA, Australia - AussieJournal -- Capabilities are considered the building blocks of organisations. The Acorn subject matter experts are strong advocates for the importance of capabilities, but in their latest article, they're quick to note that organisations can't thrive if they only build capability for short-term gratification. It needs to be for long-term success.

A capability building framework is a scalable plan for how an organisation can identify, develop and nurture the capabilities critical to business success. It shapes training and development around improving employee performance through the capabilities most likely to have a business impact.

The core responsibilities of a CEO is the management of strategy, cash-flow and people. To truly deliver on each of these, the organisation needs to have an abundance of individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes (or capabilities) to deliver on high-performance in each metric.

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All good business planning should come with a strategy, not just new business practices. When designing a capability building strategy, organisations need to have a focus. The two most recommended areas for focus are business and performance.

"Capabilities represent your future state as much as your workforce's current abilities," said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder & Managing Director). "Using a framework to build capability gives everyone a crystal-clear understanding of what is required to build sustainable long-term success."

Part of the development stage of capability building is the design of learning interventions. Professional development plans are the crux of development programs for many companies. Two plans the Acorn experts highlight are capability development plans and the competency model.

As with all strong business planning, capability development should never be a one-off affair. Cultivating a culture of continuous learning leads to sustainable high performance, a continuous supply chain of talent and stronger employee engagement.

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You can read the Acorn experts' full article about capability frameworks on Acorn Labs:

Pursuit Technology is one of Australia's fastest growing HR technology companies. Pursuit, via Acorn LMS, takes a different view to strategically enabling HR and L&D teams compared to traditional providers. Rather than focusing on analytics after learning experience, their products use workforce planning and capability frameworks prior to any learning. By linking to a company's strategy, Pursuit products can inform organisational capability gaps and suggest education, deliver this education, then measure the impact – proving business impact by the HR and L&D team in a quantifiable way.

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