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The new white paper from Simmons & Schiavo provides critical information for anyone seeking guidance about the finer points of Estate Planning including reducing your estate tax liability by updating your last will and testament and trust.

BOSTON - AussieJournal -- Five Avoidable Surprises That DERAIL Even the Best Estate Plans, the new white paper from the law firm of Simmons & Schiavo provides critical information for anyone seeking guidance about the finer points of estate planning. It focuses on ways that an estate plan, even a well-drafted one, can have unintended consequences.

An estate plan can be well-drafted and address many concerns, however, changes in family/relationships, wealth/assets, the law, or one's health are reasons to update that estate plan.  Failure to do so can lead to surprisingly disastrous consequences.  A regular review of your legal affairs with an attorney is vital to making sure that a person's estate planning goals are achieved and are not derailed. There are four other surprises to avoid which are addressed in the white paper.

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For families that have never completed an estate plan or have completed their plan many years ago, Simmons & Schiavo is there to help.  Each family has different goals.  Often times clients wish to explore options for ensuring financial support for beneficiaries who may be unable to manage money due to a disability or risk losing their inheritance to creditors, divorce settlements, gambling, or substance abuse.  A proper estate plan will allow for continued support for beneficiaries for years to come.

Simmons & Schiavo takes pride in the "unique processes that we have designed and developed to give you ongoing confidence, comfort, clarity, and peace of mind." The complexities of Estate Planning, Estate Settlement, and Medicaid Assessments and Application are stressful and intimidating for families: they need expert guidance.

Asked what the practice does, Marco Schiavo commented,  "We guide clients in developing a uniquely-designed plan that protects their family, avoids the courts, and sets the stage for continued family harmony, allowing them to rest easy with comfort and peace of mind."

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Simmons & Schiavo is located in Woburn, Massachusetts. Attorneys Marco Schiavo and Kenneth Simmons have been providing expert estate planning services in MA for almost 20 years.

With a combined 39 years in law, they take pride in their results through on-going relationships with their clients and look forward to assisting more families with estates, trusts and elder law.

Attorney Marco A. Schiavo

Source: Simmons & Schiavo, LLP - Attorneys at Law
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