NEW YORK - AussieJournal -- As the world witnesses the rise of 35 million digital nomads, the fate of cubicle lovers hangs in the balance. Worksploring, the ultimate platform for remote workers, is hosting a Cubicle Retirement Party on May 15th to honor the legacy of cubicles and embrace the new era of location-independent work.

Worksploring is the go-to resource for professionals seeking global work opportunities. Offering information on 600+ cities, a vibrant community, and comprehensive resources, it equips individuals for successful remote work journeys. Learn about digital nomad visas, taxes, currency exchange, essential gear, and remote job listings. With Flex Index revealing that 75% of Technology companies embrace full flexibility, Worksploring serves as an invaluable platform for employees and employers alike.

The launch of Worksploring marks a paradigm shift in work, career planning, and lifestyle choices. "Just because you have to work in an office, doesn't mean you want to," says Mike Lotz, a Charleston-based restaurant consultant. Worksploring is designed to empower employees to work remotely and help HR departments better understand what these workers want by leveraging platform and third party data.

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Embrace the future of work and bid farewell to the cubicle. Worksploring's Platinum Membership provides exclusive benefits and access to city data, private groups and forums and a host of upcoming features. Stop by the Cubicle Retirement Party at or sign up via our launch partner, Indiegogo, (, to secure a $50 lifetime membership (limited quantities), an 83% discount off the normal $299.

The cubicle retirement party is also the celebration of Worksploring's soft launch with a very special offer available at

HR departments seeking to optimize remote work policies and enhance worker productivity can participate in the Worksploring Employee Pilot Program. The Pilot program allows HR to gain valuable insights into employee needs, improve talent metrics, and unlock the true value of remote work.

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About Worksploring:
Worksploring empowers individuals, employers, and destinations in creating a fulfilling work-from-anywhere lifestyle. The platform facilitates remote work by providing essential resources for employees while assisting HR departments in understanding and meeting employee expectations, thereby boosting retention and productivity.

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